Exotic Aquatic: Salt Water

Exotic Aquatic has extensive knowledge about fresh water tropical fish and their environment. Whether you would like a cichlid tank, plant tank or even a biotope tank, we can help you establish and/or maintain it.

Services Include

  • Gravel cleaning and water changing
  • A water chemistry check
  • Glass cleaning
  • A filter service
  • Ocean water that is preheated and filtered
  • A specific gravity check using a hydrometer
  • Excess salt being removed from problem areas in cabinets etc.
  • A supplement being added to reef tanks if required

We have a system of water conditioners, PH buffers and plant fertilizers that we use. These are specific to the individual needs of each aquarium.

Each tank is assessed and any additional requirements are determined. Items or livestock will then be discussed with the client and provided upon request. This keeps the aquarium as trouble free and low maintenance as possible.

Fish and plant needs are considered for each tank and anything necessary for aqua scaping, such as live rocks, will be recorded and sourced for the next service if unavailable. A large variety of parts and products are available to us.

Exotic Aquatic also stocks fish food and other essential items, making fish keeping as effortless as possible for our customers.