Exotic Aquatic: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Exotic Aquatic over onter competing companies?

You should hire Exotic Aquatic over other competing companies because we are the only business who dedicates themselves to your aquarium needs. All of the people we work for are 100% satisfied with our services, and we will provide references upon request. With all these factors along with our cheap rates and extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, it's a wonder why anyone could even consider hiring a competing company!

What is the cost of hiring Exotic Aquatic?

Rates vary from customer to customer depending on how often you want the aquarium cleaned, amount of emergency calls, extra products added to the aquarium upon request, and size of the aquarium. Setups that include aquarium, pumps, and fishready for your viewing plaesure with your choice of cabintry colors start at $995 for a 55 gallon tank. Please contact us for a free estimate!

There have been mentions that Exotic Aquatic provides FREE coral cleanings and additionial FREE products to ensure satisfaction with the aquarium. Is this true?

Short answer, yes. Coral cleanings are free for all customers, and sometimes we provide free goodies to our more faithful long-term customers. Likewise, if any aquarium decorations are damaged while we are hired, we will replace the goods free of charge. For most however, additional decorations such as plants and decorative ships must be paid for.

If we do not currently have an aquarium but would like one set up and maintained, or would like an aquarium to be taken domn, should we contact you?

Absolutely! We always have many aquariums avalable for purchase at a very cheap price, and are always willing to set these aquariums up at for a small fee, and are always looking for new regular customers. We also dimantle and buy aquariums sometimes, so feel free to contact us!